Cat Profile: Melody

Name: Melody (Source:  in a separate post coming soon!)

Alternate Names: Miss Melody, Missa Missa Melody, Little One, Baby Girl

Age: 1 (16 months, as of July ’11)

Origin/History: Born in our own home in March 2010 to Mama Meredith. When she was born, she wasn’t the tiniest but within a few day, she established herself as the slow-growing one. Unlike the boys, she maintained her petite frame and is our smallest kitty.

Favorite Foods/Flavors: Salmon, Salmon, Salmon!!! Miss Melody LOVES fish…shrimp, tuna, salmon…she prefers seafood over poultry or beef. However, salmon makes her go nuts. She loves Salmon-flavored treats, the freeze dried salmon, and wetfood with salmon.

Special Needs: She is polydactyl, which is a genetically-inherited congenital abnormality resulting in extra digits, meaning she was born with extra toes. Melody has only 2 extra toes- one on each of her front paws. This does not pose any health-related issues for her, other than we need to check her extra claws often to ensure they are the proper length since they are in an awkward location for her to tend to herself. Polydactyl cats are often more dexterous than other cats with their front paws, and Melody is no exception.

Personality in Five Words: energetic, brave, nimble, playful, sweet

Personality Quirks: Miss Melody is very active and she constantly wants to be played with. She plays hard- jumping high and running fast to catch whatever her current toy is. When no one will play with her, she plays by herself- tossing her mouse in the air and catching it. She has trouble sitting still, even while being pet. She naps as hard as she plays, though. When she’s tired…she sleeps like a rock and for a long while. Jimmy & Melody have a special bond due to their playful personalities…when either of them are bored, they entertain each other. He throws the football, she’ll tackle it. He throws her mouse, she’ll get it.

Favorite Activities: Hunting “Melody Bugs”….we see about 2 to 4 of these tiny, harmless, flying bugs each week. Miss Melody enjoys hunting them. When she can’t reach them on her own, she cries until someone (usually Jimmy) lifts her up so she can reach them. She is excellent with her paws, and can catch bugs between them with ease. She also is an expert at tracking other bugs (and spiders)…while she doesn’t seem to care about these bugs as much, she’ll follow them around until we notice, and smoosh them.

Why I’m Awesome: She’s SO tiny. She’s very intelligent and enjoys figuring things out…Jimmy likes to hide her mouse in hard-to-reach areas to see what she thinks of (all under supervision of course). She definitely has a trainable quality to her….but she doesn’t care about getting a food reward, just praise. I’ve trained her to jump up and grab my arm when I stick it out and call her. Oh, and out of all the cats, she is the least likely to scratch you. She hardly ever uses her nails on humans. She loves to pick the posts, but when interacting with a human she seems to know to keep them in. She loves to use my leg as a place to stretch- but no nails are ever felt. When she kneads my tummy before laying down- no nails! Just don’t stand between her and her mousey…


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