More than just furniture…

Each night, we end up sharing the bed with anywhere from 2 to 6 cats. I’m not sure we’ve ever managed the full 7 (Piggy is in her own room, so that’s why it’s not the “full 8”), but all 7 of them do sleep on the bed, they just take turns.

Sometimes…okay, most times…it’s annoying. They take up a lot of space and lack all consideration for our comfort. They also prevent the sheets from moving, since they sleep on top of the covers.

But there are moments that make it worth it. Last night, right before I fell asleep, Miss Melody hops on the bed and walks straight towards me. She crawls on to my chest and immediately starts purring. She kneads me for a few minutes, than curls up and goes to sleep while still softly purring. It is like she decided “Gee, I want to sleep next to mom tonight.” It made me sleep better.

Sometimes, I feel like a piece of furniture, but other times I feel like it is because they want to be near me. ❤


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