New Fish Tank in the Works

We have long term plans for both the 46g and the 72g….but I’m job-less until the end of October (still working on improving that) and both of the larger tanks will require some funds.

The long term plan for the 10g is simply a QT (quarantine) tank for new fish as they get added to the bigger tanks, and then a hospital/fry tank for the bigger tanks.

But we want fish. Like now.

Therefore, we decided to do a semi-temporary setup in the 10g using equipment we have. Tuesday evening, we setup the tank with equipment we had…

So…we had a bunch of those glass stone things from a previous setup that I acquired via freecycle. I like the stones, but I didn’t like them mixed with the gravel. We removed the stones from the mix and placed them in the corner of the ‘scape…trying to make it look like a pond. But, alas…apparently I don’t like them with gravel at ALL. We’ll be removing those soon, and just going with gravel and rocks. I prefer using better quality, more-organic looking substrates than gravel. However, given this is just a temp. set-up and plants will be only super-slow growing low-lights…we’ll skip the fancy stuff.

The primary occupant of the tank is likely going to be Danio margaritatus, which goes by the common names “Galaxy Rasbora” and “Celestial Danio”.


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