52-52-52 Week 7 (and apology!)

First…I apologize for the lack of updates this past week. I used the designated time on my list for “blogging” to start running my taste-testing experiment on the cats. However, I did not mean to go a whole week without blogging anything new. I’ll try to get another cat profile posted soon, along with progress pictures on fish tank setups.

52 weeks. 52 books. 52 pounds.


Week #1: (June 18th to June 25th)… 51/51/49.6

Week #2: (June 25th to July 2nd)…50/51/48.3.

Week #3: (July 3rd to July 9th)…49/50/47.4.

Week #4: (July 10th to July 16th)…48/50/49.4.

Week # 5: (July 17th to 23rd)….47/49/50.1

Week #6: (July 24th to July 30th)…46/49/50.1

Week #7: (July 31st to August 6th)….45/48/50.3

Hmm…well, despite the fact I’m behind, I seem to be averaging a book every 2 weeks, which is an improvement for me. My weight is not so impressive though, really falling behind on that…must try harder!

(All books are now links to their respective Amazon pages).

Books Read: Pride & Prejudice, Naked Heat, The Third Girl, The Man who Mistook his Wife for a Hat







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