Cat Profile: Lefty

I’m going to be profiling all my cats on here, so folks know more about my kitties before I start discussing their crazy antics. I’ll expand upon the profiles as I think of new things to add.


Name: Lefty

Age: 17 (estimated)

Origins: Adopted

Favorite Foods/Flavors: Cheez-its, cheese, anything salty, popcorn

Special Needs: Lefty has a gimp paw from an injury that didn’t heal properly before we adopted him. The vets we have spoken to all agree that fixing it will cause him to have surgery (and more pain) and isn’t worth it since he gets along fine with it and it doesn’t bother him.

Personality in Five Words: regal, resourceful, calm, cool, grumpy

Personality Quirks: He is very vocal with a slightly pathetic sounding meow that makes him seem like he is always complaining.

Favorite Activities: sleeping, getting his chin scratched, letting people stack small objects on him (seriously…we like to see how many dice and other misc. D&D items we can put on Lefty before he moves), laying on D&D grids

Why I’m Awesome: Lefty is awesome because Lefty is my rock. Nothing bothers Lefty. He has this calm, collected demeanor that is a constant. He loves attention and his loud purr lets you know he is appreciating it. Lefty has a lot of character.  Oh…and he rolls dice…with his gimp paw.


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